The mission of our brand is deeply rooted in sustainability, craftsmanship, and community empowerment. We specialize in creating exquisite raffia products (including handbags, accessories and home decor), each meticulously handmade by local artisans in Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Every piece undergoes a meticulous process, taking between 3 and 7 days to complete. From the sorting of raffia fibers to the final touches, we ensure that only the highest quality materials are used, preserving the integrity of each product.

At the heart of our brand is the belief in supporting local communities. By collaborating with talented artisans in Madagascar, we not only celebrate their craftsmanship but also contribute in improving their wellbeing. Through fair wages and ethical practices, we strive to uplift and empower these artisans, fostering a sense of pride and dignity in their work.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to environmental responsibility. Our commitment to sustainability extends to the materials we use and the processes we follow. The colors of our pieces are certified Oeko-tex, ensuring that they meet stringent environmental standards and are safe for both consumers and the planet.

Ultimately, our mission is to create beautiful and sustainable products that go beyond our customers expectations, while contributing to positive social and environmental impact.
Join us in celebrating craftsmanship, supporting local communities, and embracing a more sustainable future.

Meet the founder

I'm Anne-Charlotte Roux, the founder of Cosmic Weaves, where we specialise in crafting exquisite raffia products inspired by the vibrant culture of Madagascar.

For me, this venture isn't just about business; it's a deeply personal journey rooted in love and legacy. My connection to Madagascar runs deep, as it's not just a place on the map but a part of my heritage. My ancestors hailed from this beautiful island, and its rich traditions have always been woven into the fabric of my family's story.

Cosmic Weaves is a tribute to the woman who meant everything to me – my mother. She passed on to me her passion for creativity and a love for our cultural heritage. She left behind a legacy of strength, resilience, and unconditional love. Creating this brand is my way of honoring her memory and preserving the traditions she cherished.

Every raffia product we create is a testament to the craftsmanship of the talented artisans in Madagascar. Through our work, we aim to promote their skill, empower their communities, and celebrate the beauty of their homeland to the world.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Together, let's weave stories and make a meaningful difference.

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